Busy women and maxed-out mums........

Discover how to lose weight and keep it off......

.....without starving yourself, missing out on the foods you love or spending hours working out!

Challenge Starts Monday 13th September 2021

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Losing weight is tough.

It consumes you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Keeping it off is tougher still.

Impossible even.

You follow the latest cookie-cutter programme.

You get some awesome results.

You feel like you've FINALLY nailed this weight loss lark.

And you're loving what you see in the mirror.

But then the programme finishes.

Life gets busier & work demands take over.

And the old habits start to creep back in.

Before you realise it, you've piled the weight back on.

And those crushing feelings of failure kick in again.

You feel like giving up, destined to a life of misery.

I get it, that's exactly how I felt.

This was me in my mid-20's ☝️

I yo-yo dieted.

I lost, gained, lost and gained (more times than I can count), 2 stone in my mid-20's and early 30's.

I starved myself on shakes and juice diets.

I skipped meals to 'save' on calories.

I hit the gym every other day and hated every minute pounding the treadmill.

My weight controlled my every thought, feeling & action.

But I told myself I had my health and weight under control because the scale was dropping.

Then after hitting my goal weight, I still wasn't happy.

I felt like I'd lost control of my life in a bid to be thinner.

So the weight would creep back on & the cycle repeated.

Something HAD to change.

So in 2013 I transformed my life.

I took a leap into the unknown, pushed aside my fears of 'not being good enough' and signed up to a Personal Training course.

I learnt about food and how to eat to support my body AND my weight loss goals.

I discovered a love for exercise that didn't involve a tonne of cardio.

And I finally gained clarity on why the plans and programmes I'd followed previously, hadn't worked.

And I finally BELIEVED that I COULD lose weight (and realised I wasn't a total failure after all).

The result?

❌ No more 'falling off the wagon'.

❌ I no longer hid behind baggy trousers and jumpers.

❌ I didn't have to make excuses to escape attending social events for fear of judgement.

❌ There was no need to avoid photos and making memories with friends.

❌ Food no longer controlled me and I started to see food as fuel rather than reward or punishment.

And now my passion is helping women every single day, achieve the same.

That's why I created the 28 Day Healthy Habits Reset Challenge.

To show women that weight loss is ABSOLUTELY possible for them.

That they are not to blame for their struggles or failed diets.

That successful weight loss does not come from eating boring salads and doing endless hours of cardio.

In fact, 'diet' is a dirty word in my world!

Sure - this challenge is a weight loss challenge at the core, but it will also address many life issues that have held you back from success, prevented you from taking action, and kept you from sticking to a plan long-term.

If you stick to the principles of the challenge, you can expect to:

  • lose at least 6-8lbs AND KEEP IT OFF
  • establish easy to stick to healthy habits & feel fuller for longer so you can ditch the mindless snacking & cravings
  • experience a complete mind and body transformation that will have you feeling like 'you' again and loving what you see in the mirror

All in just 4 short weeks.



Starts Monday 13th September 2021

  • Lose 6-8lb+ in just 4 weeks and KEEP IT OFF without eating salads, starving yourself, cutting out the foods you love or spending hours working out
  • Fit back into your old clothes so you can feel like 'you' again and start living your life
  • Hit your goal weight in as little as 15mins a day so you never fall off the wagon again

When you join my Challenge, you will understand your struggles, take back control and NEVER need to 'start again on Monday'.

"Hi, I'm Louise."

I'm a women's nutrition, health and weight loss coach and Personal Trainer.

I live in Windsor, UK with my little boy Joshua and have been helping women transform their lives, their bodies and their mindset since 2013.

I have a passion for all things fitness and food related and I am fascinated by how our behaviours and mindset play a fundamental part in our goals and desires.

It's my purpose in life to help as many women as possible ditch the diets for good and overcome their food demons so they can lose weight, keep it off and experience the happiness and confidence they deserve.

Louise x



"I've had some long overdue quality me time including a catch up with Louise and am going to make the most of this week.....because I know this is working for me.

On Friday I weighed myself and was 10lbs lighter than when I signed up for this!"

Emma Palmer, Derby

"6lbs down! Whoop whoop!

I can't quite believe that it's down and I'm not on a restrictive diet. Thank you so much for meeting me a few weekends ago. It was just what I needed."

Kathleen Stratton, Windsor

"This has completely changed my relationship with food for the better, no fad diet just a complete understanding of food and what is going to benefit me more. I am still eating whatever I want but with a completely different mindset which makes me make better choices."

Natasha Sharma, Langley

Natasha has lost 16.5lbs and 23.5 inches!


No more falling off the wagon and feeling like a failure when the latest diet gives zero results.

Discover the 4 life-changing habits you must have for dropping the pounds and keeping them off.

So you can look and feel like 'you' again.


Ditch the diets, enjoy the foods you love and banish that tedious calorie counting.

Discover the simple non-diet approach to weight loss that will see you losing 6-8lbs+ for good, in just 4 weeks.

And have you wearing your wardrobe again!


Cut through the c**p and discover the ONLY principles you need when it comes to food and losing weight.

Enjoy a variety of fat-busting recipes and meal ideas that you'll want to make again and again, designed to keep you fuller for longer and see you conquering your cravings.

No more mindless snacking and grabbing on the go!


Enjoy at-home weekly workouts designed to accelerate your weight loss.

These 15 minute fat-burning workouts can be done wherever you are, in your own time and with no equipment.

1 x a week or 7 x a week - you decide!

Get a new workout each week and ditch the hours of tedious cardio!


Say goodbye to overwhelm and weight loss controlling your life 24/7.

Hit your goal weight in just 15 minutes a day so you can get out there and start living your life.

No more inconsistency and falling off the wagon!


I'll personally be in your inbox every other day addressing the mental challenges that have kept you from losing weight and keeping it off.

You'll also enjoy an online community of like-minded women, there to celebrate your wins and share your struggles when so you never feel like you're on this journey alone.

The Challenge starts on:

Monday 13th September 2021

Places are limited and MUST be booked by Friday 10th September to guarantee your spot!



Doing the daily work, implementing the fundamental habits I teach and taking personal responsibility each day will guarantee a total mind and body transformation in 4 weeks that could see you losing 6-8lbs AND MORE.

You'll finally lose weight, keep it off and feel like YOU again.

Here's what you get on the Challenge:

4 Transformational Healthy Habits (priceless)

1 simple, easy and sustainable habit every week which you can easily fit into your daily routine, guaranteed to get you results for life so you can quit the diets for good.

Recipes & Meal Ideas (£30 value)

No cookie-cutter restrictive meal plans here! Enjoy tasty, filling recipe, meal and snack ideas, putting you in control of what you eat

15 Minute Fat Burning Workouts (£100 value)

Enjoy a new workout every week which you can do at home, in your own time, with no equipment or experience necessary

Live Coaching Support (£260 value)

I'll be going live every week in our private group for extra support and accountability, to celebrate your wins and to support your struggles, so you never feel like you're on this journey alone

Challenge Handbook & Tracker (£60 value)

Understand your goals, track your progress and know exactly what to expect from day 1 of the Challenge.

No more guesswork or confusion on how to start your transformation!

Community & Accountability (£400 value)

Daily support from ME and other like-minded challenge ladies via our private Facebook group.

Plus an email delivered to your inbox every other day addressing the mental challenges that have kept you from being successful or sustaining success in the past

Total Value: £850

But you can't put a price on your health and happiness.

Join the Challenge for just.....

£850 £99

And experience......

✔️ A life without dieting and missing out on the good stuff

✔️ Fitting back into your old clothes again (and enjoyment shopping for new ones!)

✔️ A fulfilling and happy life, where your weight no longer controls you


You cannot put a price on your health and happiness.

But taking action and that first step is the ONLY way you will get the results you want and the happiness you deserve.

If you push getting healthy until after your next holiday, when the kids go back to school or when you have more time or money, you'll simply never do it.

If you don't take action, you'll be exactly where you are today in another 4 weeks.

And even worse in the next 6 months. Or even a year.

You'll continue to struggle doing it on your own.

Experiencing those feelings of failure time and time again.

When you could have pushed past your fear, made that commitment and achieved it in just 4 weeks.

It's time to make YOU the priority.

So quit waiting until "the time is right" (it never will be) and click the button to join my Challenge.

I am so excited to support you in your transformation!

Louise x